Raw Materials


Most of our process is proprietary, but we don’t mind sharing a few highlights. We start our entire process at negative 80-degrees Celsius. This allows fats, waxes, lipids, and other undesirable compounds to be trapped while bringing in the best and purest cannabinoids and terpenes into our final product. Every extract we produce goes through this -80 cryo process to ensure only the cleanest, purest and highest potency final products. B&R Labs prides itself on never using CRC, filtration compounds, or unnecessary chemicals to boost the clarity or potency of it’s products. Fire in Fire out is our motto. We believe using only the best of the best starting material combined with our proprietary process is the only way to consistently produce top quality product on a daily basis. We have complete control over the source of all the materials in our products so we can feel good delivering this to our customers.


Liters are made every year

A Little Bit Of

Company History

When creating our brands Kinda High and Cosmic Fog Cannabis Co., we wanted to ensure that we touched every aspect of our products from thoroughly vetting single-source cannabis to final extraction and packaging.

It was essential that we build a large-scale manufacturing, extraction, and distillation facility.

It allowed us the opportunity to provide white labeling services and raw materials to many of the top legal brands in California.

State of the Art

B&R Labs holds an active California Department of
Health Manufacturing License. With our state of the art equipment and innovative extraction methods, we provide topnotch service to licensed cannabis brands throughout California. Our promise to every one of our customers is to continue to innovate while never forgetting our core values of Quality, Safety, and Service.


Biomass processed each year

Each month we process over 20,000 pounds of THC rich biomass which is utilized to produce various products, but most predominately THC rich distillate.

We Provide The Best Products & Services

B&R Labs is a fully integrated cannabis manufacturer. We pride ourselves in:

Thoroughly vetting single-source cannabis

Performing our own processing and distillation

Filling and packaging every single one of our products in house

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White Labeling

Have you ever wanted to have your own cannabis brand, but didn’t know where to begin? We will do all the hard work. All you will need to do is watch your vision come to life.


B&R Labs can guide your brand through each step in the process from product development and manufacturing to packaging and potency testing.

Extraction Technology

Our proprietary process allows us to produce high quality distillate with a consistent benchmark standard of 93-97% THC.


Deliver biomass to our lab; and we will take care of the rest. We provide perfectly refined products that you can trust while utilize the same high-quality standards across the board whether it's our biomass or yours.

Kinda Jars


Price: $110.0

We understand you move a ton of product, so we've made our Kinda Jars™ available in a pack of 10 to give you the
discount you deserve.

Our 1 kg custom crafted Borosilicate Media Jars are the ultimate professional statement to your clients. Hand crafted with 3.3 borosilicate lab glass; these jars are the proper vessel for all your distillate storage needs. Normal glass, like mason jars, are not rated for the heat involved with bringing distillate to temperate and can break and cause you to lose thousands of dollars of precious product. Kinda Jars™ are rated for heat exchange up to 140 degrees Celsius and thermal expansion. Borosilicate is also more break resistant than common glass. Our Kinda Jars™ are also designed with an ultra wide mouth to make removal and transfer of product a breeze. The tall/slim design allows the beautiful color of your product to shine through better than anything else on the market.



B&R Labs was founded in 2019 and is a type 6 extraction and distillation facility located in Long Beach, California. Are main objective being to provide high quality raw materials and products to the recreational and medical cannabis ndustry. Collectively, our team has over 50 years of experience in laboratory science,engineering,manufacturing.

To understand us, we believe it is important to know where we started. Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded in 2013 and quickly became the largest electronic cigarette company in the United States. Being in California, we were on the ground floor of the cannabis legalization movement. We knew from day one that this was where our true passion lied. As time progressed and we identified how we wanted to grow into this emerging market, we knew first and foremost that we wanted to bring over the same quality standards and innovation that made us so popular in our previous space.

Once we were confident that we had mastered and created something unique and special, we started focusing on what made us so successful to begin with. We built a fully vertically integrated extraction and distillation facility equipped with an entire manufacturing unit. This ensures that we have complete control over every gram of product that goes into Cosmic Fog Cannabis Co., Kinda High, our white label products and raw materials we provide to others.

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